Mobile Strategies

iOS & Android mobile app development

We create 360° solutions – mobile app development as well as mobile backend solutions for companies. We help you to visualize your success in the AppStores.

A successful strategy for mobile app development consists of a good story and a straightforward approach but it also needs innovative ideas. Is your approach sustainable, can it persevere in the highly competitive app market? Do your plans include appropriate profit models? Let us help you find the best answers for the highly competitive app market!

Our app agency core business

We love innovative solutions that simplify complex structures and make them feasible. With our flexible mobile app development, we offer comprehensive solutions like state of the art travel guidesbooking app solutions, indoor navigation or high quality mobile enterprise solutions.

Mobile Innovation & Mobile Strategy

Groundbreaking approaches when it comes to mobile devices and their users, are at the core of our business. Let us help you find the best strategy for the successful launch of your product.

Interface Concept and Design

Perfected usability design concepts are essential for a successful entry into the app market and initial download figures. Let us inspire and enthuse you.

Mobile App Development

Our pet issue is agile and native mobile app development for iOS and android apps. We offer comprehensive test-management and give you the opportunity to participate in the process.

Mobile CMS Backend Development

We develop advanced mobile backend-systems and will also draft and develop the interfaces that link them to systems like CMS, reporting systems or processing backend systems that are in place already.

Advanced Feature Programming

We are devoted to state-of-the-art feature development of all kinds: payment, booking, indoor navigation as well as unsolved problems in our mobile day-to-day life.

AppStore Marketing

We offer innovative mobile marketing, PR measures as well as sales support for apps. We have a strong network at our disposal and have personal contacts in the AppStore as well as the Google Play Store.

 What does an App cost?

Be sure to benefit from our experience when it comes to cost estimates. We have designed and developed more than 120 apps for a broad range of different purposes. Based on our estimate of the time and labor needed for your iOS & Android mobile app development and your backend solution, we will draft a transparent calculation of cost for your app product or idea.

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