Developing MoQuest – an ad-hoc survey tool

Design and development of a survey app, including a backend for the complete generation and administration of target-group-oriented questionnaires for the Wall AG.

The MoQuest survey app emerged within the framework of the development of a new Young Urban Mobile concept. A target-group-specific solution for the evaluation of sentiment towards random products.

The MoQuest system allows for the generation and publishing of “ad-hoc” surveys for the survey app. With a few simple taps, the user can answer questions in the survey app and can see the statistics of the survey immediately afterwards.

With the help of the backend, complex questionnaires with any level of nesting can be generated and can then be delivered to certain user groups with the help of specific target-group characteristics. By adding stop-limits, the questionnaires are automatically deactivated as soon as enough users have participated. Extensive reporting that can be exported into Excel, makes for detailed evaluation of the answers.



Wall AG


Moquest – Survey Tool

  • Technical concept design
  • GUI design
  • App development
  • Mobile CMS backend-development including push-messaging and granular reporting
  • Questionnaire-editor
  • iOS
  • Mobile CMS backend
  • Survey list
  • Surveys with multiple choice or single choice answers
  • Questions generated according to the afore given answers
  • Target-group-based evaluations
  • Survey-editor for authorized users